I Want The Fairytale…

Yes I’m one of those. The girl who cries during sappy movies. The one who roots for the happy ending because ultimately I want my own happy ending. Growing up I didn’t have a Cotillion when I turned 15 because I didn’t want my parents to spend an enormous amount of money. I’m the oldest of 4 girls and none of us had a Quinceañera. Now 2 of my sisters are married and both did it through court, so there have been no wedding parties so far. I have to stop this trend with me.

10616606_10152661171996306_6312858955489216943_n I want a wedding. I want a beautiful dress, I want my dad to walk me down the aisle, and I want to look into my future husband’s eyes and cry tears of happiness. I want lots of pictures to remember the amazing day. I want to have the first dance of many with my husband, and I want that father/daughter dance with my papi. I want my family and friends to dance the night away and I want to have wonderful memories of a great night. I think about it here and there, I’m a girl, it’s in my genes. My sisters’ both decided to invest the money into their first houses, but can’t I do both?

I don’t want a extravagant wedding that costs way too much. I want something simple. The two most important things for me besides marrying my best friend is the photography and music. Being Mexican I love Nortenas, Banda, Cumbias, and Rock en Espanol. I already know my sisters will try to talk me out of this decision, but it isn’t their decision to make, it will be mine and my husband’s.

I want that happy ending because I’m such a romantic at heart. I know it’s just 1 day, but it’s a big day that I want to remember forever. And although I’ve been single for so long and sometimes I think I’m going to end up alone with 10 cats in bed with me, I haven’t lost hope.

This year I didn’t change, I found myself. And when you find yourself, you find true happiness. I then have been navigating thru life while sitting on Cloud 9. After I faced my worse fears early on this year, I found running which led me to finding myself. My confidence is so much higher these days and in turn I smile and laugh more.

dr seuss

I’m taking the time to smell the flowers and my gosh do they smell amazing! Everything is so much better when you change your attitude and think more positive. When you really smile, really laugh and enjoy life. That my friend is being happy. And guess what happens when you’re happy, people want to be around you. When you’re happy and smiling, it’s very contagious. It’s all so great when you see the glass half full. I sometimes think I’m a bit manic and think it’s all too good to be true. I keep thinking is it a dream I’m going to wake up from, but no, it’s a wonderful reality that I have made come true!

I thought I was happy before this year, but that was just your basic happiness, now I’m stationed 24/7 on cloud 9 and now I know what true happiness really is because I’m living it. My friend told me last year maybe I hadn’t found someone, because I wasn’t really happy. So then I thought how could I make someone else happy if I wasn’t there myself.

untitledNow that I’m other side of the rainbow I know now that I’m a better person. I hope to find the guy of my dreams and hopefully start moving in the direction of where I want to go next in life. I have had a career, I have earned my degrees, I have traveled and lived, the only thing that’s missing is that man who deserves my heart so he can share all my adventures with. I’m missing my partner in crime, my other half.

I may dream of a beautiful wedding, but that’s about it, I don’t have a scrapbook made with every little detail ready to make it happen, because the most important part is my best friend, myself, and a lifetime of love and happiness!

love live

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