I was going through one of my journals and I found something I wrote during my undergrad. years. I just remember it was for one of my education classes. We were asked to write the significance of our name.

Mind you I was in my early 20’s during a time when every other weekend I was out dancing to Mexican music and visiting my grandparents in Mexico more often. I loved those weeks spent in December, during my winter break, from school, it was such wonderful times, just ask any of my cousins and they will agree. A month long vacation in Zacatecas with my family; catching up, hearing my abuelito’s stories, with my abuelita trying to feed us every hour, the primos and I going to any baile we heard of, playing Loteria, and eating. Nunca faltaba la buena comida, nunca.



Griselda, it means dreams. It is the Spanish music that I love to hear and dance to. The Nortenas, Cumbias, and Banda songs that I go dancing with friends on the weekends. It is a connection of my roots. It is a part of Mexico, the country of my parents and grandparents. It stands for the state of Zacatecas, birth place of my parents, which I visit almost every year, a calm place.

Some people say my name funny and I prefer the strong Spanish pronunciation. It gives one a sense of wisdom and beauty. It has a poetic touch to it that makes one remember it for a long time. And when I tell someone my name they say “Hay que bonito nombre!” meaning “Oh what a beautiful name!”

griselda Name

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