Chicago Bank of America Marathon

10704120_10152743486231306_6734511929960097929_n10530869_10152743485116306_5034114981164569373_nI was born and raised on the Southwest side of Chicago. Last Sunday October 12th I went to cheer on friends and strangers alike at the Bank of America Marathon. It was my first time attending this huge marathon and my first time attending any marathon for that matter. It was an amazing experience! I cheered on my friends, many who were running their 1st Marathon and I also cheered on very else I could who was crossing the Mile 21 mark.

I had so much fun being a spectator with friends from my running group Flight Crew. And I’m already making plans to attend next year’s BOA marathon!

Watching these runners pass, many coming from out of state and many others from countries from around the world, was so very inspirational! My gosh I was so happy for them all; months of training and their dedication. Many runners raised funds for great organizations such as non-for profit organizations as well.

10665841_10152408586442543_1430581603281743779_nChicago is a beautiful city, but in recent years it’s gotten a bad rep for being the city with violent crimes especially with it’s homicide numbers. But last week I was so very proud of our city! Being a spectator or a runner at last’s week’s marathon everyone opened their hearts in one way or another. There was a tremendous amount of Chi-town Love in the air! Strangers were rooting for each other, we cheered on those runners from other countries when we saw the name of their country, and I was so very proud of our city. Chicago welcomed runners from all over the world.

All the runners last motivated me as a runner! I believed in them, because as a community of runners we encourage each other, we root for those who cross our paths during our runs, we give each other a high five, and we exchange a smile because we understand each other without even saying a word.

A special shout out to Miriam, Beatriz, Carlos, Rick, Miguel, Antonio and all others who completed their 1st Marathon last week! Props to you all such a wonderful accomplishment. 1555407_10152742923551306_6920876284575533069_n

After attending last week’s Chicago Marathon, I’m even more inspired as a runner. I may not being doing the Marathon next year, but who knows I may just be running it in 2016!

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