In the Month of October…

Your birthday is coming up. You would be 52, you were still so young. We miss you, my mom misses you. I’m sorry for not coming sooner, honestly I didn’t know which cemetery it was. The day we buried you was a big blur. And even now coming here to talk with you is so hard. I’m sorry I never got that family calendar to you, but trust me this year’s calendar is going to be extra special!

Robert, it’s been an interesting year, I’m sure you know. You’ll be proud though, because I’m still standing. All I ask is that you please watch over her. At times it all gets overwhelming, taking care of her and all. Most times I handle it all smoothly, but there are those rare moments I feel like giving up. It’s so freaking challenging when I think of it all. Those rare moments when it all piles up on my plate, I tend to wonder if I can carry the weight for her and myself.

This year has turned out so well in so many ways. I realize now that I am so much stronger than I thought. I faced my 2 worse fears head on and I came out winning!

Please give her the strength to fight. Can you let her see, what I see? We are strong women. She misses you, she says she’s sorry for not going to your Birthday party before you passed. I know you understand because you loved her as much as me. She says she helped raise you, but you two are only 8 years apart so she wasn’t much older than you. I see in my mind a little girl of 10, helping to take care this little boy of 2.

If you can let her know somehow that you are there. Whisper to her, that you believe in her, and everything will be okay. She can be a strong fighter and come out winning because it’s her life we’re talking about.

When I make that calendar I’ll come visit you to show you. Take care and I hope at least I made you laugh today when your naca of a niece, searched all over for you, in the wrong cemetery next door. Love you!

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