Frida Kahlo: La Venadita y Arbol de Esperanza

I went yesterday to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see Frida Kahlo’s 2 paintings: La Venadita (The Little Deer) and Arbol de Esperanza (The Tree of Hope). The museum was free yesterday and the paintings were being displayed until this coming Sunday.

10610688_10152709701356306_5777684053286980859_n (Arbol de Esperanza)

My gosh, this woman! Frida, I feel like I get you and you would get how I’m feeling about life these days. Que chingona era, hay Dios mio! I really loved the Arbol de Esperanza painting, a self-portrait of herself. Her body is lying next to her on her left side, her back all stitched up. The fucking pain she must have gone thru with her back.

I love Diego River’s work as well, but in real life he was difficult to deal with. Why did she stay with him? Why didn’t she realize she could do better, that she didn’t need him really. He hurt her mentally and emotionally. Or were each of them dealing with their own inner demons that they stayed together because they “got” each other? Did she stay with him because she got his dark side and he hers; because they understood each other as artists? Their creative sides, my gosh, to have been the fly on one of their walls. Their creative sides were so badass, my gosh!


(La Venadita)

Now after seeing these two paintings I must look into a great book about her life story to learn more about her.

Kahlo said once, “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

“She also stated, “I was born a bitch. I was born a painter.”

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