I’m on Top of The World

This year has been quite an interesting year to say the least. Those who know me well, know the struggles I face on a daily basis. It hasn’t been easy, but tell me, what in life is? It has in all honesty turned out to be an amazing year because I have made it so!

I took action and decided to face my inner demons head on. I wake up and smile because I know now, everything is gonna be okay. This has been the turning point in my life.

Call it a midlife crisis, call it insanity at it’s best, but it’s my life and it is what it is. At the end of the day I only answer to myself.
I am quite proud of myself, so I say live it up, this is life now!

Goals & Plans

I can’t sleep, so let us write a bit, and focus on these words here.
I’m Not Average. I’m unique, weird, a wreck at times, good person, who is secure in her own skin. I have many, many wishes and hopes.

I set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime goals. I love helping others, but it is difficult for me to ask others for help. I also love doing things for myself, I do Not like to depend on others. If I want to do something, I do it.

I’m a confident Latina, hear me roar!

10606441_10152661134221306_5728115166730364890_nAhorita tengo y siento Pura Pasion cuando hago las cosas que me encantan. I wake up in the mornings happy, smiling, and saying to myself I Love My Life! Now every day is like a Friday! #VidaPuraVida

10616606_10152661171996306_6312858955489216943_nI love to tell stories. Tell them and most of all write them! I’m super creative, just ask my family, friends, teacher friends, and anyone who has crossed my path in life. The Teacher, Writer, Runner, Mentor, in me is real. I see her in the mirror every single day. It is at that point that I say ‘Hey Suga, You Are Awesome!’

I don’t want to belong, I want to Stick out, like a sore Thumb! The very best story I can tell you, is the one I’m currently writing.

The story of my life. It is the very best, it’s never ending, a classic, best seller, and best yet…I’m still writing it!

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