It’s Your Life: Vida, Pura Vida

Life is more beautiful, enjoyable, and filled with happiness when you have options, when you have choices. If you feel limited and stuck in a runt, you tend to freeze up and feel as if you are cornered in a dark room, unable to focus, unable to breathe.

Get off that couch and just do something. Get active about your life! Make it so those choices are present in your life. Make those options appear before your eyes. If you think it, want to do it, wish you could do it, then make it happen. Make the impossible become possible somehow.

Set a goal, design a game plan and tell yourself that this is all possible, because really Anything is Possible. Don’t listen to that ugly negative voice. That voice is your enemy I tell you…a.k.a. your friend-enemy, just tune it out.

Instead of listening to that awful voice, listen to your heart. Yeah I know it sounds corny, but if you really think about it, your Heart is always truthful.

“El Corazón nunca te miente y por eso hazle un poco mas de caso.”

From now on listen to the positive and stand up for Yourself! Make your wishes and your goals come true. Be your best cheerleader. Work on it daily and take it slow and steady.

Be thankful in the morning when you wake up and say to yourself it’s a brand new day I’m gonna work on me!

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