I Must Confess…

dr seuss

I must confess I don’t know the difference between bought and brought. I always have to tell myself brought is from bring with an r. Yes I was a teacher, but my first language was Spanish. The English language even now is a mystery to me at times.

I must confess except for 4 boyfriends, my longest relationship was 2 years. I am not searching for the perfect guy, just the perfect guy for me, the man whose heart can be mine and who will want mine.

I must confess I had braces from the time I was in 5th grade to a sophomore in high school. I hated them, but at least now I think my smile would be great for a Colgate commercial!

I must confess like many I have had heartaches, but I always recover and I honestly don’t believe I have ever broken anyone’s heart.

I must confess there are moments I love being around others and other times where I cherish my solitude. I never mind going to a movie or having lunch alone.

I must confess when the need calls, I sometimes have a good cry in the shower. Crying is therapeutic and at times you just need to let it all out.

I must confess I am very independent, I do not like to depend on others. I prefer to help others than asking for help when I need it.

I must confess I hold mini concerts in my car singing my heart out while I drive. So far the audience is happy and have made several requests for Shakira, the Beatles, and One Republic to name a few.

I must confess I sometimes wonder if I want to have children, yes at my age, it’s something that’s still up in the air. A friend once said women were made to have children. I love my independence and the rhythm of my life, so I will think long and hard before I can say I’m ready.

I must confess when I was little I pictured my wedding day smiling while being walked down the aisle by my dad and that moment when you know you have found true love. Yes I still want the fairy tale happy ending, but my wedding day will now be One of many happy days in my life.

I must confess growing up I loved having siblings and extended family to play with. So when I was in my early 20s I wanted to have many children so my kiddies could always have someone to play with. Now if I have children it will not be more than 2.

I must confess I tend to compare myself to others in my head. But the difference now in my 30s is that I’m 100% confident in the great qualities I possess. I am certain of the fact that I am creative, have a great heart, smart, and have an awesome personality where I connect well with others.

I must confess I hate cats, but I find kittens cute. I once told my friend that my fear in life is never meeting that right guy for me and becoming that elderly lady with 10 cats! Yes my fear is I’ll awake up one day sleeping on the floor while my 10 cats sleep in my bed.

I must confess I’m very sensitive. The water works come on not only during a sappy movie but there have been instances that even a commercial or ad have made me teary eyed.

I must confess I have never minded breaking a nail. I keep them short and the only nail I’m currently worried about is the one I’m losing on a toe due to running.

I must confess I was a tomboy growing up. I love playing basketball and I think my hook shot is better than the average girl’s. The girls that screamed when we played softball and basketball during gym time annoyed me so much.

I must confess I have faced inner demons like everyone else. There have been various times those inner demons have beat me down, but I’m happy to report I’m currently beating them out in the present battle at hand!

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  1. Love this. In with you with the cat thing. Not really a cat lover but my gosh kittens! Oh and hairless cats get me for some reason


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