Mi Querido Viejo

This here gal is all about goals. Daily, monthly, yearly, and lifelong goals. I have many, they keep me focused, working, and striving for a better me every day. One goal I have in particular is to one day have something I write published. I’m not in it for the glory or the fame, I just want to leave my mark in this world in some way or another. My writing goal is to publish a piece of writing just to see my name and tell my story. Say to someone passing me on the street as I peer into a bookstore, “Hey you see that book there?” “I wrote that” as I smile from ear to ear from this proud moment.

What drives me to this goal many times you see is my parents. In this instance I’m speaking of my dad. Let me begin by saying the man can do no wrong in my eyes. The man has been working since the age of nine. I’m sure if given the opportunity he would have continued his education, but because my abuelito needed him, he only completed school up to the 3rd grade. He is so smart, hardworking, social, and ask anyone about his dancing skills! Although he didn’t have many years of school he is so good with numbers. When I think of Math, I think of him sitting at the kitchen table adding up his checks by hand (before he had to give in to direct deposit).

I love my dad, yes what gal doesn’t love her dad. I sit here writing this because I think of the man that works every day getting up before sunrise to provide for his family. His day begins at 3:30am, he leaves for work at 4am and starts his shift (when there’s work) promptly at 5am, getting out at 3pm and arriving home at 3:30pm. He goes to bed some nights at 7:30-8pm, that’s when I know he’s super tired.

The man is my hero in more ways than one. I defend him most times unless he’s being a grumpy grandpa, or insisting his food is not hot enough. If you were to ask my mom, she will tell you I always take his side. And yes I admit I do!

What would I do if I were ever to make a name for myself. Easy! Make it possible so that this man never has to work another day in his life! So when I think of publishing something be it for a magazine, a book, etc. I do it thinking yes he’s 62, has been working nonstop for over 50 years, today you can retire. You no longer have to work another day in your life if you do not wish. I’ll pay off the rest of this house, I’ll pay all your bills, and I’ll pay for you to take a lifetime vacation. Anything his heart desires.

So yes you can say I’m daddy’s girl. Proud of it! He raised me to be hardworking, honest, and a good person with a big heart. We do not have deep conversations often, but you know my first piece of writing will be dedicated to him.

Querido viejo algun dia te dare la mitad de lo que usted me ha dado a mi.

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