What’s Makes It On Your List?

bucketlistI just ran my first 5K a couple of weeks ago and I am running a 10K this Sunday. And this all made me think of the lists I keep. I’m not talking about to do lists for the day or week, but an extension of that. I have a number of lists. For example with these 2 runs and the ones that I plan to do for the remainder of the year I will make a list of the runs I have completed.

The list is really just for me. My run list will note the name of the run, the date and my time. I have a couple of lists. Just something for me to keep track of, one may think of it in relation to my successes and achievements. My run details can then be added to my scrapbook with pictures from that day with my bib.

I have 3 other lists. The most important one is my To do list for life, what I would love to accomplish and do, one can call it their bucket list. I believe the title I have on it is 100 things I to do before I die. I also think it’s over 100 and it isn’t written in stone. I have made changes to it, scratched things off and have added over the years. Being that I want to see the world a lot of them are destinations I want to travel to.

One thing that I was able to scratch off a couple of years ago was having pizza in Italy. One that I want to complete is being able to use the phrase “We’ll always have Paris”. I actually wrote this in before I saw the movie, but I’m glad I added it because I’m such a romantic at heart. Another one I have is riding an elephant. Earlier this year I was able to scratch another off, donating blood. I was in Miami in March and the opportunity arose so I did it because it was a good deed as well.

Another list I have is 100 movies to watch. Again I’ve made changes since I first wrote it. I don’t refer to it often, but I know it’s there. It’s a mixture of classics, movies that have won awards, and foreign films, especially from Latin America. For a period I would search through my local library and would get 1-2 every couple of weeks.

The last list I have is my reading list. I started this one back in the summer of 2011. For some reason it crossed my mind, how long would it take me to read 100 books. Well as of now I’m at 72. I’m sure there’s a couple I have forgotten to add, but I have an app that I use. Maybe I can finish this one by next summer.

Again these lists are more for my own eyes. Ever since I saw the movie Bucket List I thought I want to come up with my own. That is the most important one which I refer to a couple of times a year. It is something I consider a work in progress for the rest of my life, it is what I have accomplished and what I want to succeed in making come true.

You can also think of it as your life goals. I will never say I am done, because the day that I have scratched all my goals I will add 100 more. I am all about goals. We have daily goals and goals for a lifetime. For example right now with my running, I need to keep myself motivated and excited about it by knowing I have something I’m working towards. Because I know I have a 10K at the end of the week I know I have a minimum of days that I have to get out there to run. Setting goals holds me accountable.

Do you have a unique list of your own? A Bucket list of sorts?


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