14 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time

Featured Image -- 66I thought this was a great article to share for those trying to work on better healthier habits. I can say I have no problem with some of these and others I definitely need to work on.
For example I am a breakfast person. I cannot start my day without something in my tummy. Today I woke up with my cup of coffee and a banana before heading out for a quick run. Afterwards I had oatmeal with peanut butter. From personal experience I function better with caffeine and something like a banana when I’m on short on time.

Now that I am running I am trying harder to drink more water. It is still difficult for me because for every glass of water I have I make at least 2-3 trips to the bathroom. This is a work in progress, I am getting better.

I am also minimizing my junk food. For example yesterday I went to Target alone and hungry. I made the same mistake weeks ago, and it was a big mistake. This time around I did better, although I thought of giving in to wine, cookies, ice cream, beer, and Captain Crunch, I didn’t. I allowed myself 1 thing and that was good enough.

I also have a problem saying no to people. I have a difficult time saying no to my family and friends. 85% of the time I still say yes, but at least now I do think it’s ok if I say no. Last week my niece stayed over and on Sunday she needed to be dropped off at her home. I had just decided I was going to relax because I had a running injury. Instead of giving my niece a ride, I just let her father pick her up later in the day. I was tired, resting my legs and I thought to myself it was okay.

I just told someone the other day, it is much easier for me to say no to alcohol than junk food such as cookies and ice cream. I have such a sweet tooth! On really stressful or bad days though, I allow myself a glass or 2 of wine. I have noticed though I do have a harder time sleeping when I have consumed alcohol. I thought it was just because I’m getting older. This article confirms it isn’t just me. So again with everything else alcohol in moderation.

I am lot more active these days and making better choices with what I eat. I have great days, good days, and days that could be better, what I try to remember best is not to be so hard on myself when I mess up. There’s always tomorrow, I get to try again, start a brand new day where I try to make it better than the day before.

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