Yeah I’m a Runner

Yesterday I went out to run with my running group by the lakefront. I was awake by 6am and I was at 31st street beach ready to run by 7:30. Only days after completing my first 5K run I signed up for a 10K. As soon as I registered I was nervous, my heart was pounding, and I kept thinking what have I gotten myself into. I really didn’t think I was ready, but to be honest I was still on a high from the 5K, getting my first medal, and the fact that so many friends will be running it with me.

So back to yesterday as I started my run, I told myself okay let’s aim for 4.5. I had rested a week due to shin splints issues and I figured I didn’t want to push too hard so soon again.

As I approached mile 2, I thought well if I do half a mile more I can have 5 total. So I did that, then when I hit that I thought well if I do half a mile more I get to 3 miles and I’ll be able to do 6. So that’s what I did.

I reached Buckingham fountain and hit my 3 miles. The lakefront was full of runners and bikers. As I got ready to head back I saw 2 members from my running group, my plan was to stick at their heels so that I could focus on the 3 miles I still needed. And that’s how I got through about the next mile and half.

At around 4 miles I thought okay I got this, just 2 more to go. Advantage of being on the lakefront is I could refuel with water fountains near by so that helped. I started to slow down and walked a bit. There’s a 30 minute mix that I have been running to lately, around this time I had repeated it already so I knew I wouldn’t have no interest in a 3rd time so I turned to a new mix that got me thru the last 2 miles.
At mile 5 I thought almost there, the hardest part is behind me. And it’s when it hit me I had past my previous distance of 4some miles. I smiled to myself for that last mile. I was so excited before I even finished it because I had done it. My best distance thus far and it was the proof I needed to know that I’ll be okay for the 10K next week.

At 5.5 I was so close I could taste it. I wasn’t concentrated on my pace, I just wanted those 6 miles to be mine. When I got to my group I was at 5.90 so I had to run an extra minute so I could log those 6 miles.

All day yesterday I kept thinking I did it, I ran 6 miles! Today I rested and I must admit my body is hurting, but it’s a pain I don’t mind, blisters and all. Now I’m not nervous about next week, that medal will be mine, and I look forward to crossing the finish line next Sunday.
I am attaching a picture to this post that has my name all over it. I once hated running, then I tried it, I kept at it and now I know I’m a runner! I believe because running is still new to me, it’s exciting. Because I found a running group and have friends that support me it isn’t as intimidating as it used to be. And I believe the more I push myself the more I’m learning of how I really don’t have a limit. I am really capable of so much more.

I’m so excited for this new passion in my life, I now love telling others I’m a Runner!!

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