Random Thoughts: My Trip to Greece


Here are some random thoughts that I wrote last summer when I traveled to Greece. Bare with me while I reminisce a little. I must confess my reasons for traveling there were due to seeing Greece in movies such as Mama Mia, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, and My Life in Ruins! Greece looked so beautiful especially Santorini!

It was my first official trip alone, I was in disbelief that I traveled to another country on my own for over 10 days. Most of the time I was with a tour group, but still I was fearless in doing it, without a traveling companion. I’ve always been the type of person that doesn’t like to depend on others, so hell yeah I’m independent. If I want to do something I’m not going to wait for someone to join me, I just find a way to make it a reality. I had decided I wanted to go to Greece and it had to be done. And I’m so happy that I went!

Now I was only able to do this because I was with a group of people. I don’t know if I’m ready to travel solo completely just yet. I would love to get to the point where I travel somewhere, know what I want to see, where I want to go, get my map, and just walk the streets alone doing it. That is exciting, but as a woman who has no sense of direction my fear is getting lost, hitting a dead end, and getting mugged. Anyway I’m getting off topic, on to what this post is really about.

Random Thoughts While Traveling Through Greece Summer 2013

(while in Greece not all related to country, but they popped into my head while I was there)

1. People watching is so much more interesting when traveling especially to another country!

2. People still wear fanny packs? No, no, no, they should be banned. And it’s interesting the ones I saw were on men.

3. Greece has an Ikea!

4. I’m so happy, I only saw 2 McDonald’s and 1 Burger King. Good for you Greece! I’m sure there are more, but I was glad that I didn’t see them on every other block.

5. Greeks love Zumba too!

6. I’ve never had Caviar, but after having Tamara Greek dip (salted and cured Roe of Cod) I believe it’s better than Caviar. Cod’s Roe is the fully ripe internal ovaries of the Cod fish. Yeah I know that doesn’t sound awesome but trust me it is. Although I will say my final say will be expressed when I have had Caviar at least once. Then it will be a fair comparison.

7. Greek love their bread! Every day for breakfast buffet I would be tempted with croissants, sweet bread, bagels, and so much more. I saw bread everywhere, so many options you can’t help but give in!

8. And if there is sweet bread, you need your coffee! Along with their bread Greeks love their coffee. Every day I would see people walking to work in the mornings with their cup of coffee, frappucino, etc. I saw coffee spots all over even stands, on every other block as well.

9. There was lots of graffiti on the streets of Athens. It was during this time that Greeks were hitting the streets in demonstrations, fighting for better wages and for the unfair layoffs. I’m curious to know if the graffiti in Athens was present before the troubles of Greece’s economy.

10. Do not expect great service while traveling in Greece. It isn’t known for their wonderful service. At a restaurant after a waiter would bring us our bread basket, water, take our order and bring it out, he would usually not appear until it was time for the bill. He doesn’t check up on you or ask if you need anything. So expect to wait, but nonetheless the food everywhere is awesome!

11. Archaeological sites are wonderful and a must see, but expect to walk a lot, as well as conquering uphill destinations. Besides looking forward to the beauty of Santorini, the site I was most looking forward to seeing was Acropolis! (pictured above)

12. Taking a 4 year old child on a 4 day bus tour isn’t the best decision you’ve had as a parent. Yes I know I’m not a parent, but being on the bus with this family, I didn’t understand. Most of our agenda consisted of archaeological sites and museums. It is not meant for children. They will lose interest. He was throwing tantrums, not listening, crying, and totally disrespecting the parents. It wasn’t his fault, this wasn’t fun for him. So next time please keep that in mind when you plan your vacation. Also it isn’t considerate to make a bus load of people on vacation suffer with your bad decision.

13. Greek men remind me of Latin men. (Theme of maybe a future post)

14. Moussaka, you got to try it! Yes I automatically think of the line from My Big Fat Greek Wedding “Ewwww, you’re eating ”moose caca!” If you’re open minded and willing to taste something new, give it a try. Eggplant is good for you.

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