Let Me Be A Grownup Kid


I’m a 35 year old single Latina. I was teaching for over 8 some years. I have 2 degrees in education. Yet this year I left that behind, it wasn’t what I wanted anymore and I want to find something that makes me happy. I’m told you need a career not a job, you are having a midlife crisis, and what are you going to do with your life? Well I don’t have a family of my own, no kids that need my attention, so the way I figure I am only responsible for taking care of me. If I want to pick up and leave it’s ok, if I want to go away for the weekend let’s do it, and if I want to leave my career because I want to find something new for me then I will do just that.

After reading an article on Time’s FB page “How Can I Figure Out What I Really Want To Do With My Life” I have discovered what I really what to do is be a Grownup kid. I want to fail and succeed while being fearless, as the article says, dare to follow where my heart will take me. So I will not ask anyone for permission to be a Grownup Kid. I will not be the immature kind, but the kind who dares to explore and discover.
I want to try many things, I want to write books and travel the world. I want to help others, while leaving a mark of sorts in this world. I want to question everything and I don’t want to be limited. I want to follow my passions and focus my daily tasks on them. As the article states I will play, get reckless, question everything, and ignore reality.
Let me explore the impossible!

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