Why I Run


You run to forget, to just zone out, to let it all out and brush it off as well. You run to find yourself and test the limits of your own power. You run for yourself, your way of tuning out the negative; the drama that manages to invade your life somehow. Running for those moments that make you realize everything is manageable, that it’ll all be okay, because honestly you really do feel free if only for awhile.
Tuning out what I don’t have time to hear. I’m in control, the setting, the background of my choice; I own the rights to this state of mind. Deep in thought, I get in the groove baby, and then it’s just me baby. Getting lost to the beat in my ears, my steps on the pavement, and my heart coming out of my chest. Omg now that’s power!
There’s no stopping me right now, just a little more, and just then, that awesome song comes out. I smile; the lyrics directed at me and I feel stronger. Singing the words in my head, I hear the pounding from all angles. I run to the beat of this song, focus on the beat of my heart…they go boom, boom, boom…I’m fully alert because I just got in my zone. This is the part I like and then I know I got this hands down.
I tuned out what I don’t want to hear, all ears on just the good stuff now…I ain’t stopping now. I’m doing it, being active is key, just moving my body, going with the flow because I’m in control and that’s all you need to know. Who says it’s just too damn hard or I can’t do it? I’m almost done, just a little more, running through the pain running through-out my body, run 1 step at a time. I can do it, no one knows my limit, I don’t know my limit, because there is no limit!
Step to the sound of the beat. Now walk it off, you keep at it, just as long as you never stop, because you know what? You run this!

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